“After a year and a half of trying to conceive and one fertility treatment failure I turned to acupuncture.  Within the first month of treatment I noticed a huge change in my cycle--I was pain free!  I also felt better physically and emotionally.  One month later I found out I was pregnant for the first time!  I would highly recommend acupuncture for anyone struggling with infertility because it addresses the whole body and does not cause new problems like Western medicine sometimes can.  

I am so grateful that I found Shana because she is easy to work with, and incredibly knowledgeable. She is also very gentle and thorough every step of the way.  Thanks again Shana for helping us achieve this goal.”- H.O.


“I felt a noticeable difference in my pain level within one or two treatments. . . .  Absolutely, I would highly recommend this treatment, and Shana, for others!” - G. S.

Oral Pain/Teeth Pain -

“For years, I have had a frustrating and difficult facial pain condition and have sought out multiple medical, dental and alternative health options to relieve or manage the pain.  Until I found Shana, I was not successful in achieving this.  After my first session with her I noticed an amazing relief in the pain I had been experiencing.  I have had acupuncture many times in my life but have never seen as wonderful results as with Shana’s approach.  She is truly kind, professional and knowledgeable.” - A.M.

Chronic Pain

“I was first impressed by Dr. Lauer’s background in pharmacology and her own experience of chronic pain.  Under her treatment, I have learned that she is also both an  excellent practitioner of acupuncture and a great herbalist.  When I came to her, I had spent twelve years in chronic pain.  Surgeries, drugs and conventional therapies had had limited success and offered very little hope of improvement after so long.  I was unable to sleep or eat properly.

With Dr. Lauer’s treatment, I have been free of all prescription drugs for three months and continue to improve!  Previous acupuncturists had given me some relief but I had always had to continue taking medications and managing their side effects.

Every week I get a little bit of my life back.  My appetite has improved.  Sleep is restorative again.  I can drive a little again. something I thought was out of the question.

Dr Lauer had given me the most effective treatment I have had in a decade, and she has also given me hope.” - M.M.

Chronic Pain

“I’ve dealt with chronic neck pain resulting from an injury several years ago.  I had tried acupuncture w/a different practitioner shortly after my injury, but did not experience any lasting relief beyond a few hours.

Withe a recent increase in my pain . . . I decided to give acupuncture another try upon the recommendation of my Internal Medicine MD.

I researched who might be a good “fit” for me and found Shana’s website.  Her personal experience, having suffered w/a season of chronic pain, as well as her academic background in pharmacology prompted me to believe she would have a better understanding of my unique scenario.

I am delighted to have found Shana.  Her knowledge, specialized technique, and gentle caring bedside manner promote a soothing, safe, place to receive this valuable, effective therapy.

I can gladly say that I have experienced significant sustained relief- without the use of the medications I had been taking.  It has allowed me an increase in stamina in my very physical work setting as an RN, as well as increased opportunity to enjoy the outdoor activities I love . . . .

For those who suffer w/ chronic nerve pain, I highly recommend Shana and hope for you the same relief I have received through her skill and expertise!”  - C.L.

Complex Migraine

“ My daughter was a very complicated patient with a lot going on medically and psychologically.  An ongoing complex migraine accompanied by uncontrollable twitching,  itchy skin, dizziness, vertigo and difficulty speaking had been ongoing for 40 days.  She visited the ER, saw a neurologist, had blood tests and had an MRI.  Western medicine could not explain the pain, help her get rid of it, or help her sleep.  She missed 5 weeks of school and was placed on home hospital. 

After starting treatment with Shana, she began sleeping better right away.  Her body was finally responding to something in a positive manner instead of fighting it, and the pain subsided.

Shana  was able to diagnose and prescribe treatment which got rid of her pain.  Mostly that was what we were hoping for, but other positive results happened too.  Her menstrual cycle had been very irregular and painful her whole life, and since receiving treatment, she has become regular and experiences less pain.  Also, she is more physically active, laughs easier and is more mentally alert. 

She is no longer in pain, and is able to live her life again. - T.


"I have been a patient of Shana's for a couple of years.  I recently had a bout with shingles and after beginning the prescribed 10-day antiviral medication, I contacted Shana to see if acupuncture would be effective for relieving the intense pain and discomfort.  I was delighted to learn that it was considered to be quite effective for this condition and she suggested four treatments. After just one treatment, the pain was gone!  Acupuncture was able to eliminate the pain that Vicodin was unable to touch.

Shana is very knowledgeable in both Western and Eastern medicine.  I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially someone with anxieties about acupuncture and/or alternative treatments as she is an extremely patient and nurturing practitioner." - C.H.

Anxiety, Insomnia, Chronic pain

“Dear Shana,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me.  As you know, I was going through a very stressful time taking care of my mother who had a brain tumor, and I was left feeling incredibly stressed, anxious and depressed.  For months, I was running on a few hours of sleep per night and feeling pretty miserable. With you caring manner and effective treatments, I was able to relax, finally sleep, and get back to feeling like my normal self again.  Your treatments also helped resolve my chronic back pain!  Thank you so very much" - L.F.

Back Pain

“Suffering from severe back pain, I recently visited an acupuncturist.  Although the two treatments were soothing, I had no lasting results and was informed that my pain was too severe for acupuncture and that I needed to see a neurologist.  The neurologist verified that I had a ruptured lumbar disc, and that my options were surgery or steroid injections.  He also reported that my blood pressure was 150 over 90 - an unprecedented high for my lean and relatively healthy frame.  I went online and researched alternatives.  Shanaʼs educational background and experience sent me in her direction.  I was impressed from the onset with her calm and inviting surroundings.  Her demeanor and presence evoked compassion and care.  She analyzed my condition, took pulses and without hesitation determined my treatment.  I had no question that she knew exactly what she was doing and more importantly, she knew how to do it.  Each treatment was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  From the onset, I felt relief not just physically, but emotionally.  I knew I was on the right track.  After five sessions, I am feeling incredibly well.  My blood pressure was checked at 120 over 90.  The extreme high levels were attributed by my doctor to the pain that I was experiencing.  I would highly and unequivocally recommend Shana Lauer.” - C. K. ABR, GRI, MBA, RRS

Chronic Respiratory Issues

“I’m a woman in my early 60’s. My energy level, spirits and immune system were at a low point due to years of stressful family caregiving.  A long bout of respiratory illness was hanging on, despite standard Western medical treatment.  Having had success years ago with acupuncture, I chose Shana because of her impressive background in both Western and Eastern/Oriental/Chinese medicine.While believing in the benefits of Western medicine, I’ve found Eastern/Oriental/Chinese medicine has a subtlety and wholeness.  In the past I’d attempted to intellectually resolve the major differences between these two approaches to medicine.   Finally, I’ve learned to accept and appreciate the merits of both.

The treatments are a welcome respite during a busy day -- an opportunity to clear my mind and rest deeply.  Even sooner than I’d hoped, my health, energy and mood improved dramatically.  It’s wonderful to feel a return to my real self. I believe Shana’s acupuncture was a major contributor to the restoration of my health.” - R.R.


“Shana was a great listener, very knowledgeable and able to tailor her treatments to my concerns.  A very positive experience.  My thyroid issues resolved!” - C.H.

Neck pain

I have always wanted to try acupuncture but was always too nervous to try.  A couple of months ago I hit a wall in terms of my personal health.  I wasn’t sure what was causing this; I have a good diet, exercise daily and get enough sleep.  I felt really out of balance and had neck pain as well.

I did a google search and found Shana.  After an initial consultation she pinpointed all of the discomforts I was feeling and told me she could help.  I automatically felt at ease with her presence.  She has a warm and inviting personality, is knowledgeable in her field and most importantly after seeing her for a couple of months I’ve never felt better.  I feel a lot more centered and grounded and my neck pains have subsided.

Thanks Shana for all of your help.” -J.A.

Gall Stones/High Blood Pressure

“Shana:  As you know I first came to you because of a pain in my left side.  That pain has totally disappeared.  We worked on other issues.  I have weaned off of the herbs but have no stone attacks and actually I have been eating more kinds of spice with no ill effects!  You also know for a fact that my blood pressure was much lower the last time we met--it still is.

Shana, I give you much praise for how you helped me.”

- L. W.

Colds and Flu

“Dear Shana,

I am writing to thank you for getting me through the cold and flu season this year.  We have a lot of new employees this year at my work, many of them with kids - so I have been exposed to a lot of sick people.   Whenever I feel a cold coming on, a course of herbs and acupuncture keeps me from getting the awful cough I used to always get.  I can’t afford to get sick, and I’m sure your treatments saved me from weeks of misery.

Thanks again!” - L.M.

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

Hi Shana, I wanted to thank you.  The facial rejuvenation treatment you gave me was amazing.  I felt  so relaxed and cared for.  You have a very gentle touch and I felt very at ease on your table.  You were also very receptive to my extra sensitivity and were able to make adjustments in our treatment.   I was amazed at the difference in my face.  My complexion was more clear and the light wrinkles at my eyes were almost gone.  My daughter was impressed and said I looked “way” younger.  Several Days later my skin still looked younger with less wrinkles.  Thank you again.” - L.P.

Back Pain

“I went to Santa Barbara for a relaxing vacation, but my chronic back pain really started acting up.  I knew lots of people who had tried acupuncture, but I was a little skeptical and wasn’t convinced that it would really help. 

I decided to take a chance, and made an appointment with Shana as soon as we got into town.  Shana was very caring and patient with me, which was important because I was a little nervous.  She really took the time to listen, and to explain everything thoroughly. 

When she was done I felt so good, as if I just received a massage or spa treatment, but the pain relief lasted much longer.  The one treatment took away my back pain for over three weeks!  I was so pleased, I recommended Shana to a friend who was equally impressed with her results.

My only regret is that Shana isn’t located where I live.  I would go to her all the time. Shana was professional, incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and the results definitely surpassed my expectations. 

Thank you Shana!” - S.M.


“During the time I have been under Shana’s care, my sacroiliac pain has decreased dramatically. . . “ - B.C.


“Shana’s dedication and skill at her healing work as an acupuncturist is thorough and masterful.  Shana carries with her much love, compassion and desire to help others as a natural state of her being.  I always feel quite confident in referring clients to Shana.”

- Dianne Porchia, M.A. Founder of W.I.S.H. (Whole Integrated Self Health) and Passing Performance.

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